Sunday, 29 March 2009

weekly round-up

This week has been so manic, I have barely had time to think, let alone plan anything.

I have been working all week, even on Friday when I was meant to be of to get the house ready for the party that night. I also went back to Slimming world on Tuesday night - which was a disaster but also good as it has got me re-focused for getting into my wedding dress.

Friday night was good, a smaller number than originally expected turned up to the Virgin Vie party but it was good all the same, we played pass the parcel and the price was a luscious bubble bath from the range (which my mum won). As well as that we had a good gossip, munched loads of yummy food (cooked by me I may say - with a little help from David) and had a good time looking at and discussing the different products available. I confessed that I don't cleanse, tone and moisturise, instead opting for a face wipe dragged across the skin whenever I remember. Apparently this isn't very good for you so I have purchased the cleanser and toner to try and get into the habit of doing it.

Saturday morning was hectic to say the least. We went to collect our new sofa, actually Laura's old one but it i new to us and so comfy. We also went and purchased our Wii. We are so out-of-date when it comes to computer consoles but we have been wanting one for ages now. Then David, David's mum and I went to the wedding fayre at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange. It was good but very crowded - not helped by the number of buggies that were there - is it me or does the mix of babies/toddlers & wedding dresses & drinks/sweets not add up? There were at least 2 dresses I looked at that had chocolate fingers on - and it was only the first day of the show.

Now at work, so expect many blog entries today as I think of them.

Enjoy the sunshine - although not the cold!


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