Saturday, 30 May 2009

Bleugh ....... my rating for the week.

Well, so much for me doing better this week with the blog entries then hey - but it has been a bit of a manic week.

Firstly lets get the bad news out of the way - Slimming World was not a good experience this week. Not that I could have expected it to be really after having a birthweek instead of just a birthday when it came to the food this week. So no surprises that I gained 3lbs. Gutted though. Haven't really got back into it this week - was really good on Wednesday until I had to go up to Aberdeen for a delivery and didn't take any food with me. As I get weighed on a Wednesday morning I don't like to eat until then so hadn't had anything to eat until I reached Dundee on my way back home. With over an hour to go until I got home the hunger pangs took over I grabbed some food from the garage when I fueled up - and it hasn't stopped since then. Last night for instance David went out for his works Christmas night out so it was the perfect opportunity to eat healthy - I was only cooking for myself after all so what did I do - ordered an Indian Takeaway!
When will I learn.

Hope fully get back into it today - going food shopping when I finish work so will get lots of nice healthy foods in.


Friday, 22 May 2009

Weekly Roudup

OMG! Cant believe it has been so long since my last post - sorry about that.
This week has been pretty hectic so sit back, relax and get ready for the long story.

Firstly, Slimming World update. I wen to class on Wednesday and jumped on the scales (well not really but you get the idea)and I had lost another pound. It's not a great weight loss but it is a loss. I didn't do much exercise at all last week so it was purely the diet that got the weight off this week.

Wednesday was also a special day for me. It was my birthday. So as well as feeling good about my weight loss I was also looking forward to having a good day. I got so great pressies as well. David got me a beautiful leather jewellery box. It is the style of a travel case so it has a handle on the top and inside there is a travel box for going away. Have put my wedding jewellery in it for when we pack up to go away next March.

Also this week we have all paid off our deposits for the holiday/wedding/honeymoon. Now comes the important part of paying off the rest of the holiday but so far so good.

After discussing it with David this week as well we have decided to put the deposit down on my wedding dress next week. I am looking forward to actually going and signing on the dotted line and securing the dress as mine. I took my friends along last week (as per previous posts) and we have decided - although I decided on it before - that it is definitely the dress for me. I do have to go for another shopping style trip though with my wedding shoes to decide on the length of wedding dress to order. They come in 2 different lengths and with me being short I might be able to order the shorter length and therefore not need any alterations required on the skirt. Should hopefully be doing that next week though so will keep you posted.

Enjoy your week.


Saturday, 16 May 2009

Birthday pressies - when it isn't my birthday

It is my birthday next week.

So on Wednesday I was shocked when a parcel was delivered to my house. It was clearly something that had been ordered off the internet but I hadn't ordered anything. I open it - it has my name on it said nothing indicating what it is for and there are these cool little Japanese figures in it. Still a little confused as I haven't ordered them I eventually find a phone number in amongst the packaging from the supplier who I call to find out who it is from.
It turns out it is a birthday pressie from one of my friends - really nice and cool, I now know who it is from.

Yesterday I was getting back from work late so had to get David to walk from work to the house. On the way home he stopped at the town centre and bought my birthday present. No surprise - but beautiful - it was the jewellery box I had picked out a couple of weeks ago. It is a really dark brown leather one like a travel case with the handle on the top. It also has a travel box for going away on holiday - I thought that would be handy for transporting all the jewellery I want to take away for the wedding. It is lovely - I really do love it but thought he might keep it until my birthday next week. So, this morning - before I came into work I sorted out the travel case with all my wedding jewellery (well except the wedding rings as we haven't bought them yet).

Is it me or do you agree that birthday pressies should only be given on the day - even if you know what they are?


Thursday, 14 May 2009

The dress has been seen now.

So, yesterday I took my friends along to see my dress.
I was quite apprehensive about it as I was worried that they wouldn't like it, or they would think it wasn't suitable for my body shape but I needn't have worried.

They all started blubbing the minute I came out of the changing rooms so I took that as a good sign.

They kept saying that it was beautiful, and to be honest even after I took it off I couldn't stop looking at it.

Definitely the right dress I think.

On another note I went to Slimming World yesterday morning and lost some more weight.
It was only another half pound, but after the week I have had it was great to have lost. Obviously I wanted more - I have a mini target in my mind for my birthday next week and at the minute I am not going to make it.
As long as I keep losing though I will get there in the end. I have adjusted my weight loss target for the wedding, it makes it so much more achievable. Obviously if I beat it (which is possible if I can stay focused for the entire time) then I will be so so so happy but if not then as long as I get the target then I will have the biggest smile on my face on my wedding day.


Sunday, 10 May 2009

A deviation from the norm....

So, partly down to my boring week and partly cause I really want to tell you about these products I thought I would blog today about these new products that I have come across.

A few weeks ago I held a Virgin Vie party in my house. A girl I used to go to school with has started doing the parties and I agreed to be one of her first parties.
I am so bad with skincare and all that kind of stuff - my family has always had great skin without anyone even moisturising on a daily basis so I never really paid my skin much attention. I used to just drag a face wipe over my face when I remembered to try and clear anything that might be on there. I would also occasionally do a face mask although that was more for pampering and relaxing rather then to actually benefit my skin.

So back from that tangent, I was hosting the party and admitted to never cleansing and toning - well I never realised so many people do it. I thought everyone was like me and thought they should do it but didn't.
Anyways I was persuaded to buy some of the cleanser and toner as well as the moisturiser that I was buying anyway.

OMG - I thought my skin was good before but it is so much better now. I had some little problem areas, in the usual places on my nose, chin etc. Now though they are all gone. I am pretty pleased with myself for breaking the lazy habits I had before - my face and skin are looking so much better now and hopefully this means that everything is going to be okay for the wedding and I will be glowing for then.


Friday, 8 May 2009

Time to show the girlies......

I am taking my friends to see my wedding dress on Wednesday afternoon. I didn't take them to the initial search session because I was scared that I wouldn't fit into any of the dresses and them they would have seen me for how big I actually am.

Being the biggest girl out of my group of friends has been something I have been so aware of for so long - you would have thought that it would have motivated me to lose weight before now but because they are so accepting and fantastic it was never an issue.

Having tried on the dress though I know that I can get the dress on - okay it doesn't close completely at the back but it stays up on its own so I really want to show the dress to them. They wont be at the actual wedding so they wont get to see it then and although I am wearing it to my reception back here I want their approval I suppose before I actually sign up and pay for it.


Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Slimming World Update - again

Hi All

So, went to slimming world this morning, now I have moved to the Wednesday morning group and jumped on the scales.
I lost a massive 3.5 lbs this week.
I was so chuffed. I had been strict with myself - well all except the Cadbury's Cream Egg I had during the week.
I have decided that things need to get sorted, I am going to order my wedding dress in a couple of weeks and I want my initial measurements to be as small as humanly possible in the time frame I have now. I know they can take the dress in as much as is needed but I would like it to not be a huge amount.

Looks like everything is going well - hopefully I don't muck it up again.


Monday, 4 May 2009

It was a great weekend........

So, on Saturday I posted about what my plans were for that day.

Exciting, I got my contact lenses. How sad am I that this is what was so exciting about the day.

We also went and collected our documentation for the wedding. I am going into the travel agents tomorrow to had everything back in as we brought it home to read over as some things were missing from the contract that we were promised so we were wanting to check it out for a while. We thought that because we had specified the date we wanted that it meant that we had got it but NO, they still have to contact the Dominican Republic judge to ask if this date is suitable. How annoying?!?

Bank Holiday Monday has been fun though - no work. Woo Hoo!


Saturday, 2 May 2009

Excitement Building.

I am so looking forward to today.

Firstly I am looking forward to 12 - it is when I finish work and I can't wait.

Secondly once I am finished work David and I are heading up to the travel agents to sign our documentation for the wedding. I got a call during the week to say that all the forms had arrived 3 weeks ahead of schedule. We both have to go up and sign on the dotted line to say that we have definitely booked this wedding and it means that the wedding organiser in the Dominican Republic can get things moving to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible on the day.

Thirdly, and quite sadly most importantly, I am getting rid of my glasses today. I have been wearing glasses since the age 17 when we discovered during my driving lessons that I couldn't see very well without some assistance. I have always hated wearing my glasses, preferring to wear contact lenses. I have never suited glasses, I have one of these faces that just doesn't suit anything. I can't get away with hats, head scarfs etc. Due to financial situations outwith my control though we had to look at what we could cut back on - and one was my contact lenses. Now though we have stopped paying out money on a gym membership that we were not using so I can get my lenses back.

I am SO excited.

Have I said that once before?!? Thought so.

It also means that I can wear sunglasses on the rare occasions that we get the sun here. I never bought into the idea of prescription sunglasses, I would just rather wear contact lenses with normal sunglasses.
No more squinting for me - might sort out those early signs of crow's feet I have at the sides of my eyes too.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend.


Friday, 1 May 2009

Happy May Day

Can you believe today is the 1st of May. How quick is the year going? I know that this is a sign of getting old.
This weekend is going to be a good one, we have a girlie day out planned for Sunday. We are heading back to the benefit make up stall in Edinburgh to get more make up tips and to buy some lovely stuff. I have my eye on the foundation and foundation brush - mine needs replacing urgently. I am sure we will make a day of it and maybe go out for some lunch as well.