Thursday, 29 January 2009

Lazy Posting...

So, there has been a couple of days since I last posted a blog and there is no good reason for it. I have been out working the same as normal, and haven't ventured outside of the house since last Saturday for exercise.
I have however finally signed up for the moonwalk. I waited until David was paid on Tuesday then signed up for the full 26.2 miles. I didn't realise but you have to give your T-Shirt size and bra size there and then. How do I know what bra size I will be then. The weight loss is definately going to affect my size, well they cant stay this big when I am losing so much weight but I don't know by how much. I have an idea as to what clothes size I should be by then so ordering my T-Shirt wasn't as difficult but the bra - cant they ask you nearer the time, it isn't as if they send it all out to you at the end of the month. Only the paperwork is getting sent out then.

Enjoy Friday, last day of work for this week


Sunday, 25 January 2009

Still Ouch!

So, after my mammoth weight loss and my long, so long walk yesterday I am feeling just a little weak, but excited. My legs are still burning, and aching from yesterday and that 5 mile walk but I feel just a little bit more healthy for it. I am looking forward to going out for another walk, as long as it is not in the next 24 hours. David and I are planning to do a little hillwalking during the week. Well, I say hill walking, there is a mound at the back of my mum's house called Dechmont Law that we are going to walk to, up and back again taking the dog with us.

So, how do I beat that weight loss from last week? That was a mammoth (I know repeated but it really is a great adjective) amount of weight to lose in one week. I was so shocked, stunned but not gobsmacked (would never happen). I have actually lost 18lbs in 2 weeks - OMG!

Just contemplating another hot bath when I get in from work.
Enjoy what's left of Sunday Night.


Saturday, 24 January 2009

I Ache!

So, I am just back from a 5 mile walk with David and my in-laws -to-be. Me and my mother-in-law-to-be are walking the moonwalk together so we decided to start training early, giving us enough time to get into shape. We took 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the walk, which wasn't too bad but I am sure I would have been alot slower if I wasn't being dragged along by Toby, my dog, that I took along as well.
Well, that's it for me just now, going for a radox bath, and early to bed I think.

Night night


Week 2 complete

OMG! so, I am just back from Edinburgh and Lighterlife. I have lost 12lbs this week. I am so pleased with myself. This week has been a roller coaster, as you know and I am so glad that I haven't cheated, the results today would not have been the same if I had cheated.
God this diet really does work.
I am on my way out now to do my 5 mile walk as the start of my training for the moonwalk. Will post another entry when I get back, if I survive.


Friday, 23 January 2009

1 more sleep to go..

So, I have one more sleep to go before I get weighed again. I am actually looking forward to tomorrow as it is the first week that I have completely stuck to Lighterlife. It will be interesting to see how much weight I have lost. This week has been difficult at times, as you know but I am really pleased with the fact that I haven't cheated and have been in complete food abstinence.

Will let you know how things go tomorrow.


Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Day 12 - so far, so good

So, today is another good day. God, that's 2 in a row. Go me!
Lighterlife is working for me. I think I am now in ketosis (fat burning) as I don't feel hungry, and I am drinking constantly. I am aiming for a good weight loss this week, even going to be moving a bed from my mum's house to mine so that I can get a bit of exercise into this week as well.

In addition to the weight loss goals, I have set myself another goal. I have signed up for the Edinburgh Moonwalk in June. I feel that by this time my fitness and everything will be much better and it also gives me a reason (well another) to go to the gym and start with training. Walking 26.2 miles is going to be tough, and I am going to have to start training soon, which will boost my weight loss and hopefully lessen the time that I will have to be in complete abstinence from food.

As well as all that, I have an announcement to make. I have finally finished making all of the day wedding invitations. I still have to put the wording inside, but the actual construction, and cutting of all the fiddly bits is all finished. The evening invitations are still to be started and they will probably get done over the next couple of weeks. We are starting to tick lots of things off the to-do list which is great, but at the same time it brings it all home that the wedding is getting ever closer (okay, I know it is still ages away, I am not completely delusional).

Enjoy your day.


Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The morning after the night before

So, yesterday was a bad day. I have to apologise for my venting here.

Today everything is okay, and yesterday I didn't cheat but instead went to have a massage then went to bed. David and I also had a long chat about the diet, whether or not I should be doing it if it makes me feel so down but today everything has been put into perspective. I was just going through carb withdrawal in a big way (I love bread and white pasta). Being back in the correct mindset I have decided to get back into going to the gym, and sorting out myself and my life. There is a bundle of paperwork upstairs that has not been sorted since we moved into the house 6 months ago, and when David gets back from work tonight we are going to tackle it together.

I have even cooked David a meal for tonight. I have stood over the hob for almost an hour cooking a chilli and didn't even feel like eating it, the smell was enough.

Sorry for yesterday again


Monday, 19 January 2009

Totally Fed Up...

Today has been such a crappy day. I am having a low day on lighterlife. I want to eat, am feeling sick every time I drink one of my smoothies or soups and have barely drunk a thing today. I assume that this is all down to the amount that I have not drunk but even still I feel like crap. It has got to be expected, I mean when living on less that 600 calories a day you have to be really narky every now and again but I don't think it was ever this bad the last time I did the diet, at least not until I was into week 5 and decided to quit. This first 2 weeks has been so difficult, even with not following the diet completely last week I just cant see the light (or the slim body) at the end of the tunnel. I just keep thinking that I am going to fail, which I suppose will eventually become a self-fulfilling prophecy unless I can change the way I am thinking just now.

Even now, I am sitting watching Paul McKenna on TV, he is promising to make you thin by subscribing to his logic. He is trying to train everyone to think like a thin person, even though "fat" people know what to do, we just cant stop ourselves from finishing everything on the plate, or finishing the kids dinner when they are finished, or rewarding ourselves with chocolate/biscuits/take away.

If I had the cash, I would definatelt resort to the Kerry Katona diet of lying on a surgeon's table, unconscious whilst they hack bits of me away (lazy but so easy) then worry about maintaining it after.

Ok, self-pity over you will be glad to know - sorry guys


Sunday, 18 January 2009

Faux Eyelashes

So, I have been looking into faux eyelashes for a while. I have really long eyelashes, which when I don't wear mascara look quite full but as soon as I put some mascara on, whether it be black, brown or clear then they look really fine, and split into individual lashes. I want to have the look of thick lashes.

Does anyone know any good brands of lashes, that actually do what they say on the tin?
I have been looking at M.A.C but if anyone can recommend any others for me to try then I would be grateful.

so, on another note, I feel like I am neglecting my friends a bit. The last time I saw my friend was Hogmany, almost a month ago, and one of my bridesmaids was last spotted in June when we went to see Bon Jovi through in Glasgow. That is just ridiculous! I need to try and be a better friend this year, otherwise I will be dumped by all my bridesmaids. We are getting together (we almost all of us) at the start of February for a girlie night, followed by a wedding fayre on the Sunday. I am so excited about wedding fares in general, think I may even keep going after David and I get married. The fashion shows are so good, the dresses are beautiful (or completely strange) and it just allows you to fantasise about what you will look like on your big day.

Going for my lunch now, going to have some lighterlife Chicken soup. Yum!


Saturday, 17 January 2009

Week 1 complete

So, week 1 of Lighterlife is complete. Although there has been a few bumps in the road this week, and I haven't been fully on the plan I have managed to lose 6 pounds this week. I am really chuffed with myself, and now definitely feel that I can manage the rest of the plan without having to resort to conventional food again.

Today we were to write down our 3 main goals, and be really specific about them. Here are mine:
1. To go to the wedding dress shop in Bathgate and try on the Maggie Sottero gown that I really like (wont put the name here in case David reads it). I want to try on the dress in their sample size, which is a 12 (or a normal 10) and I want to do this by October 31st.
2. By December 1st I want to have my police application form filled in, and sent off.
3. By My birthday in May I want to have lost 4 stone.

Today after I got back from Lighterlife we went up to the town centre to try and get some new clothes for the gym. David managed to get a couple of pairs of shorts but I didn't get anything. As usual the shops don't stock items in my size in a petite. I can get clothes that fit my waist, but there are miles to long or they have the correct length but I might fit into them in about 3 months when I have lost a few stone.
I really want to fit into the wedding dress. I know that I can order the dress in any size but I dont want to wear a marquee. The dress I think I want is very delicate, and wouldn't want to strain the dress with me bulging out of it. God, Lighterlife better work.


Friday, 16 January 2009

I Love Weddings

So, again it has been a couple of days since I last wrote here, but this time I have great excuses. I have been working loads really. Although I haven't taken on any extra work, David has been off work ill this week so in between deliveries I have been popping home to make soup and nurse my little soldier back to health.

Yesterday I went to my friend's house. She was married a couple of years ago, and we looked through her wedding album and her wedding DVD. She used the same wedding photographer and videographer as we have booked, so it was good to see a "real" wedding that was put together by them, as opposed to one of their sample albums, which to be honest could have been doctored in order to get the bookings in. Thankfully though they look to be a great wedding photography company and I am really looking forward to working with them on the day.

Roll on 2010, I want to get married

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Day 2...

So, I managed to survive day 1 of the Lighterlife diet, although I had a bit of a wobble later in the day, after our visit to the gym. I wanted to eat something so much and then my wee brother asked me to get him a pizza from Pizza Hut. I went in a complete sulk and wanted something to eat - instead of the soup or smoothies I will be on for months. But after talking to David, and trying to see sense myself I decided to have a shake and go to bed. Today I am so glad that I didn't eat anything. I am sat, in the caravan doing security work. The cupboards are full of crisps and biscuits and I am not touching any of them, nor do I want to.

Wedding planning is going to pretty much take most of my time as I try to take my focus away from eating, and conventional food. God help us but there might be a return of Bridezilla before long.


Saturday, 10 January 2009

Day 1...

So, it has been a couple of days since I last posted anything on here - and it is down to damn laziness that this is the case. But today is the start of something new. Last night David and I went to Chiquito's for dinner before going to the cinema. We had a nice dinner, but neither of us finished as we completely stuffed ourselves with the nachos we got as a starter. We went to see "Bride Wars" which was really funny. If you are really interested in the typical Chick flick then this is so much better. It has definitely been one of the best films of that genre I have seen in a while.

Today though is the important day. Today I started Lighterlife. I had my first shake this morning, and I have had my soup for lunch. Looking forward to soup and a shake for dinner tonight. I went to my first meeting this morning, and it was really good to get back into the structure of the diet. Roll on the summer when I can fit into nice, new clothes that actually look nice.

I will eventually add before and after photos, and once the weight is off I may even disclose the before and after weight, but for now - that's a secret.


Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Bridezilla has chilled out - for now anyway...


Hows life?
So it has been a couple of days since I last wrote an entry here. Things have been manic here. I hae tried to get back into the swing of things and back into my regular routine but I am struggling.
I have put to rest bridezilla for now. Got a little bit excited about planning the wedding, even though we still have over a year to go and was contacting the hotel and everyone about getting some bookings confirmed.

Now got something new to attach my fixations onto. I am starting the Lighterlife diet on Saturday. I have 2 more dinners to go, so I am trying to decide what foods to have out of all the food that is out there. Friday night's dinner is sorted - we are going to Chiquito's followed by a trip to the cinema for Ben & Gerry's ice cream. What should I eat tomorrow?

What would be your last meal?

Now remember if you were embarking on this weight-loss programme as I am then you are looking at not eating again until maybe August at the earliest (depending on amount of weight I want to lose, and how I feel as each stone comes off) so what would you choose to eat, that could sustain you until then?


Sunday, 4 January 2009

Return of Bridezilla

So, it is Sunday morning, around 8:30am and what were all my friends hearing (especially those involved in the wedding) - beep, beep beep beep from their mobiles as I am trying to contact them about going to a wedding fair. Is the fair today I hear you ask? No, it is February. Yeah 5 weeks away! So I think my friends are going to murder me next time they see me - which by the way is going to be at the wedding fair as they have said that they are coming. Well the ones that have replied to the text have anyway. I am assuming the others are still in bed, recovering from their wild Saturday night out. I love wedding fairs. David even likes them too, but I think this more to do with the free cake and chocolate fountains than the beautiful gowns and fashion show that I will be focusing on.

I have also sent the cheque for the deposit off to the celebrant for the wedding. So we now have someone that will perform the ceremony. Woo-hoo! I have been reading the booklet we were sent with the booking pack, and it is great. I think I am getting emotional too soon though as I was reading some of the sample vows and poems that can be read during the service and I was getting really emotional. God only knows what I will be like on the actually day. Wrecked make up - so glam for the photos. Was looking at the website for our photographer again, and I really think that we have made the correct choice there too. I was a bit concerned a few weeks ago as we never met with any other companies before booking with them but since then a couple of girls I went to school have gotten married and have used the same company. They both agreed that the company is great, so I am more relaxed about it all now.
I think we are totally going on our gut instincts for this wedding. We booked our venue without seeing others, although we did contact others in the area for quotes - some of which were never received (totally wanted our custom didn't you?). Okay, so the venue wasn't completely unknown before we booked it. David's sister had her reception there about 11 years ago so we have been able to get little bits of info about how everything ran, and whether or not they were adaptable (which so far they totally seem to be).

What were you wedding experiences?


Saturday, 3 January 2009

I am already turning into Bridezilla!

Oh my god. I am not sure why, but has totally hit me that our wedding is next year. We got engaged in 2007, so 2010 seemed ages away - we booked our venue with 2 years 10 months to go before the date but now, all of a sudden it is happening next year. The last year has gone by so quickly, and although I hae done a bit of organising there is still so much to do. Okay, so we do still have 19 months - so plenty of time but I like to be organised well in advance of the day so that last minute things can be taken care of calmly without having to deal with last minute problems and stuff that hasn't even been organised yet. I remember when my mum got married 4 years ago we were all ready, the limo was outside and she wasn't in her dress yet - I was so stressed and she was so calm.

So, what is done already:
The venue is booked.
The photographer and videographer are booked.
The flowers are bought (apart rom mine, they will be bought this month from the USA) and stored in the cupboard (we are using silk flowers).
The day invitations are made - just the night ones to go.
The celebrant has been contacted, we are paying the deposit this week to secure our booking.
The bridesmaids, flowergirls and best man have been selected and asked.
The flowergirls' dresses have been bought and stored.
The table decorations have been bought and stored.
I think I have found my wedding dress - just need to try it on in the summer once I have lost the weight.
Decided on the tartan for the groom and best man.
Got the seating plan started - RSVP pending.

Bridezilla is on the war path

Friday, 2 January 2009

2009 - how's that going for you then?

So, 2009 has been is full swing for 2 days now - are you enjoying it?

2009 has started in the same way as 2008 finished for us here - will lots of food and booze. Yesterday David and I went to his parents' house for a quiet dinner (for 11 people) and a few drinks. It was good to spend time with that side of the family as Christmas was spent mostly with my side of the family. We went round to the house and were greeted by David's beautiful nieces who all wished us "Happy New Year" and shook our hands (they are 5, 2 and 1 so was very cute). Dinner was very yummy, Chicken stuffed with haggis and a honey and mustard sauce with prawns for starter and a choice of 3 puddings.

Today I was going to do some food shopping after finishing work but all the shops decided to shut early today (or at least that was what their websites said) so David hadn't cooked any dinner on the understanding that I would bring something in but no. So we ended up paying a visit to our local Domino's Pizza where we ordered too much pizza and have just finished stuffing our faces. My reasoning for this, well apart from the supermarkets being shut is that I have got a week to say goodbye to my favorite foods before I go back onto the Lighterlife diet. I am so looking forward to starting the diet, and finally getting my body into the shape that it should be. Roll on the summer when I can comfortably, and unashamedly go wedding dress shopping.

For now


Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone.

I hope the hangovers from last night are not to bad, I was completely sober as we ended up not going to a party but instead went round to my mums house to bring in the bells. I stayed sober so that we cound drive home and stay in our own house as it is the first New Year in our own home.

This is a short blog entry as everyone is still recovering from last night and will probably not be up yet. Just wanted to say enjoy 2009. I hope it is everything you want it to be