Tuesday, 25 August 2009

All work and no play......

is making Mhairi a dull girl.

I sat today and counted how long it has been since my last official day off work. It has been 37 days!!!!! Even then it was only 1 day off and before that it was about another 40 days. I need to get a life. I can't remember the last time that David and I went out and did something just the 2 of us, apart from exercising that is. Even that though has been a bit neglected as I have been working loads then when I wasn't working I was tired so not really wanted to go out and expel any more energy. Not looking good for the scales tomorrow.

What I have been looking into more and more is the different beauty treatments I fancy getting done before we go away for the wedding and also whilst we are away in the resort's spa. I am looking into eyelash extensions. A while ago I posted about getting false eyelashes to wear on my wedding day to make my lashes look fuller. I have been trying to use false lashes for a while now and I just cant get to grips with them. I can only do one eye, and even then it falls off after about 30 minutes. Not a good look for the wedding photos. When I was getting my eyebrows threaded at the weekend I was given a pamphlet for the other treatments that the spa do and one is the eyelash extensions. I was asking and they have assured me that it will add only a bit of length as my lashes are really long as it is but it will also add some volume to my lashes as well. I am going to try it out over Christmas and if the effect is good then I will have it done again for the wedding. With getting my eyelashes tinted and permed as well all I will need on my big day is a slick of clear mascara and that's it, done and dusted (well with a few other additions of course).


Sunday, 23 August 2009

Eyebrow update......

The threading yesterday was a complete success. It was more uncomfortable than I was expecting but very quickly my skin recovered much quicker than it normally did when I was getting waxed. Even the shape of my eyebrows is much better than I normally get with either waxing or tweezing.

Yesterday after my trip to get threaded David managed to convince me to head out for a bit of a walk. We headed out to the grounds of a local, disused hospital for a bit of a dander around. It was a bit strange walking around the grounds of a hospital that opened in 1906, it was almost like a little village with roads and streets linking the different departments as bits had been added as and when they were needed as the hospital grew. The place only shut down in 2006 but to look at it you would think it had been empty since the 1950s. The place looks like it was raided in the middle of the night and everyone taken from their homes, there is stuff just abandoned in the rooms like wheelchairs etc.

After walking round the hospital grounds for about 40ish minutes we headed off to walk up Dechmont Law which is a bit of a hill in our little town. We walked up most of it, not venturing past the end of the tarmaced path to the top but walked about 80% of it, then back down as well.
So yesterday was a bit active for all concerned and I slept well last night.

Hopefully I will get a good result on the scales come Wednesday.


Saturday, 22 August 2009

The eyes are the windows to the soul.........

....... and today I am getting them framed properly.

Sorry for the cheesy title but it is written across the appointment card that I have for getting my eyebrows re-shaped.

This isn't a surgical procedure but in fact just a threading appointment that I have for today.
I am normally a waxing girl, getting my eyebrows waxed every couple of weeks but since my friend gave up her beauty therapy job a few months ago now I have been struggling to find anyone else I like to do them so they have been left to grow wild. I did try plucking them myself following the shape that had been left by the waxing but that resulted in one starting too far across my face compared to the other so decided to just leave them alone after that. I currently have have 2 hairy caterpillars crawling across the top of my face but all this is going to change at 1pm today.

Today I go for my first ever threading appointment and I am looking forward to it. I have been looking into threading for a while now as I am not a fan of the plucked chicken look that waxing gives you, especially with how red I go when I get waxed. Whilst I was in Debenhams buying my wedding tiara on Wednesday night I spotted a brow bar (similar to a nail bar but for a different part of your anatomy) and saw that they did threading. I couldn't get it done then so have booked my appointment for when I finish work today.

Finally the wild beasts will be tamed.

And there is another thing crossed off the list - the wedding tiara is now safely stored in the suitcase until the wedding party departs.

Whoop Whoop!!


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Weigh In Update

This week hasn't been all that good. Exercise hasn't been done as much as planned and food was ignored over the weekend. This week though I have paid the price. I put on half a pound and honestly I feel like it was more. I was out running last night and actually struggled more than usual with my knees and stamina and I am sure it is down to the weight gain.

This week I am aiming to do a lot more exercise and less eating - I think we all know that is how we lose weight. There is no mad science to it.


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Feeling better now

I am feeling better after my little whinge yesterday, sorry about that.

Today has been a good day for me, I haven't been called out for work but still getting paid for today. Tonight we have planned to head out for a run before the big weigh in tomorrow. Food has actually been quite good this week as well.
Hopefully this means I should get a fair result on the scales tomorrow. Will keep you posted.


Monday, 17 August 2009

I want my wedding

Recently on facebook I have noticed that a lot of my friends and family members have been involved in or attended weddings recently and looking at the photos has made me realise how much I want my wedding to be here, now. We are nowhere near prepared and I know that the run up is going to go so fast once we get into the final stages but I just wish it was all happening now instead of in 7 months.

Think I need to get into other things to get my mind off the wedding, lets get more focused on the exercise and weight loss.


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Weigh In, Weigh In, Weigh In

Whoop Whoop, today was the big weigh in since the exercise began and my word it has worked. I lost 3lbs this week and for the first time since February I am back under my starting weight so now I really am losing weight.

Looks like exercise is the key (yes Terry I know you have been telling me but I needed to see the results for myself) so I have been back out tonight and am planning to head out most nights this week.

Got a big smile on my face today, I feel good.


Sunday, 9 August 2009

Weekend chit-chat

Friday night was a great success. My cooking skills were fantastic even if I do say so myself. I cooked dinner for 5 or us for David's birthday and everything went really smoothly. Even the unexpected arrival of David's brother in law and his 3 nieces didn't hamper the process too much and I was still able to juggle my timings and get everything out at the same time.

I should at this little pause point out that all I cooked was lamb shanks, mashed potatoes, home made roast potatoes, brussel sprouts and green beans so nothing was very taxing.

David had a good night and we all got a little merry on the alcohol with David's mum and me getting through 3 bottles of wine between the two of us.

After consuming that, the food, a 1/6th share of a cheesecake as well as a 1/6th share of birthday cake I really need to get back out and exercising. With working today until 11pm I don't think there will be any exercise from me but tomorrow night I will get back out and go for a run again with David. We both need to work off the meal and booze from Friday night.


Friday, 7 August 2009

Happy Birthday David

Just a little post as I am frantically running round trying to clean and tidy the house as well as cooking the dinner for our dinner party tonight. As the title of the post says it is David's 27th birthday today, happy birthday babe.

I am definitely getting fit today as I am up and down the stairs hoovering and dusting and polishing and scrubbing the bathrooms.

Better get back to it, Have a good day.


P.S. Keep an eye out at 12.34 pm (and 56 seconds) as for the only time in this millennium the date and time will be 12:34:56 7/8/9.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Weekly weigh in and fitness update

This week hasn't been that great on the old weigh in front. I didn't lose any weight but at the same time I didn't gain any either.

Exercise this week has been much better. Sunday was spent running around where I was working. Monday I didn't do anything and last night I just went for a little jog around the block but tonight I made up for the last 2 nights. David and I went round the local country park. We were out for about an hour and it was constantly either walking or jogging with a mini assault course thrown in the middle for good measure.

Going out again tomorrow, probably to the same place so hopefully we can eventually get to the point when we can jog round it completely.


Sunday, 2 August 2009

Still Motivated

Well it has been a couple of days since I last posted about my fitness regime beginning - and I can glad to say that I am still motivated and still trying to increase the amount of times I am getting out and about.

Didn't get much done yesterday as I was working in the morning then went back into Edinburgh in the afternoon to help with my grandad's return from his holiday.
This morning I have been working but that hasn't stopped me. I am doing my security job today but have remember to bring my trainers with me so have been jogging around the loading bay every hour or so. I am not managing very much at the minute but it is better than just sitting her watching the TV like I normally do. I keep going out and trying to get that bit further than I did last time and so far so good.