Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Tuesday means slimming world...

Tonight I trundled though to Edinburgh for my weekly Slimming World meeting. Got there and jumped on the scales (well not really, not that thin yet) and found out that I have managed to lose 1.5lbs this week. I have been following a different side of the diet - high in protein but no carbs. I have only been following it since Sunday so I am really chuffed with the weight loss I managed so far.

As well as the diet David and I have been using our new wii to work on our fitness. We bought a wii fit to go with the system and have been using it almost every day. We thought we would occasionally use it, like most of the things we bought, but so far anyway it has been used and planned to be used loads.

Hopefully this is the start of things to come and the weight will start to fly off.
Wedding dresses are going to be tried on soon.


Sunday, 29 March 2009

weekly round-up

This week has been so manic, I have barely had time to think, let alone plan anything.

I have been working all week, even on Friday when I was meant to be of to get the house ready for the party that night. I also went back to Slimming world on Tuesday night - which was a disaster but also good as it has got me re-focused for getting into my wedding dress.

Friday night was good, a smaller number than originally expected turned up to the Virgin Vie party but it was good all the same, we played pass the parcel and the price was a luscious bubble bath from the range (which my mum won). As well as that we had a good gossip, munched loads of yummy food (cooked by me I may say - with a little help from David) and had a good time looking at and discussing the different products available. I confessed that I don't cleanse, tone and moisturise, instead opting for a face wipe dragged across the skin whenever I remember. Apparently this isn't very good for you so I have purchased the cleanser and toner to try and get into the habit of doing it.

Saturday morning was hectic to say the least. We went to collect our new sofa, actually Laura's old one but it i new to us and so comfy. We also went and purchased our Wii. We are so out-of-date when it comes to computer consoles but we have been wanting one for ages now. Then David, David's mum and I went to the wedding fayre at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange. It was good but very crowded - not helped by the number of buggies that were there - is it me or does the mix of babies/toddlers & wedding dresses & drinks/sweets not add up? There were at least 2 dresses I looked at that had chocolate fingers on - and it was only the first day of the show.

Now at work, so expect many blog entries today as I think of them.

Enjoy the sunshine - although not the cold!


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Slimming World Update

Can't remember what week I was up to so this is just a bit of an update.

I haven't been at Slimming World for 2 weeks now as I have been ill and working loads.
So, because I haven't been getting weighed recently I have definitely relaxed my focus on what I was eating, although I still had it at the back of my mind.

I have managed to put on 3.5lbs in the last 3 weeks since I was last weighed.
Getting back into the proper diet tomorrow so hopefully I will shift most of the weight I have gained this week.



Sunday, 22 March 2009

Weekend Frolics

So, I am sitting here planning my weekend for next week.
Considering we lose an hour with the clocks going forward it has to be my most hectic weekend probably this whole year so far.

On Friday night I am hosting a Virgin Vie party in the house, and going by the verbal RSVPs I have received there is going to be a good number of people coming over. My friend from school is the one selling all the stuff so I want her to get a good commission, she is travelling over from Kelty in Fyfe to do the party.
On Saturday morning David & I as well as our mums are going into Edinburgh for the wedding fayre at the Corn Exchange. Last Year me and Michelle (one of my bridesmaids) went and had a great time so this year it will be good to show it to David and our mums. This is also the first time that David's mum has gone with us to a wedding fayre so it will be cool.
Saturday night I am going to an Ann Summers party at Michelle's house. So another night out and another shopping experience.

This week I am going to get a new TV stand from Ikea. I saw it yesterday and the more I think about it the more I decide that it will really fit in the living room and work better than the stand we have at the minute.


Peronal Trainer Sessions

So I have employed myself a personal trainer.
I need someone to kick my butt on a regular basis as I don't have the motivation to do it myself for longer than about a week (but even at the minute that is too long to maintain).
My personal trainer is no stranger to rapid, healthy weight loss and has all the skills to motivate me.

So, who is it I hear you cry?
Well it is David.

Not very original I know but he has promised to keep an eye on me - he even has me keeping a food diary.



New Wedding Forum

There is a new wedding forum that has recently been set up which I really like.

There is the chance to talk to other users about different ideas and problems you may be having/facing when planning your wedding.

You should check them out over at


They have a fantastic offer running as well. If you join (which is free) and post 100 comments and/or blog entries (they have a blog section as well) you will receive a set of "Groom" cuff links. Then for every 500 comments after that you get to choose what cuff links you want until you have the full set of 18 different pairs.
You could deck out your whole wedding party with them.

Have a look


Friday, 20 March 2009

Training, Training, Training.........If I say it enough I might start doing it.

Don't want to tempt fate, but I think we are entering spring!

The last 3 days have been great, going out in the morning dressed like it is still winter as the mist has been so bad but in later in the morning the weather has been breaking away to lovely sunshine.

With this weather I know that I should be walking and training for the Moonwalk in June, but I can't be bothered. I would rather sit in the sunshine enjoying a nice glass of vino and people watching. However that is not good for the waistline so I end up just sitting in the sunshine. Really should start walking though. It is only something ridiculous like 13 weeks until the moonwalk and 26 miles is a long way to walk.


Enjoy the sunshine, the weekend is going to be great.


Thursday, 19 March 2009

Diet Chat

Okay, so it has been a good while since I last discussed what is going on with my trying to lose weight.

I have not fallen off the wagon - well not completely anyway. I have missed that last 2 Slimming World classes so I am trying to be good whilst I am unable to get there.
The first week I was working, we normally have someone covering the deliveries I do in the evening but for some reason we couldn't get anyone so I had to do them myself.
The second week (just this week) I was ill so it meant that I wasn't there again.

I am trying to be good with what I am eating so hopefully when I go back next Tuesday I will see a fair result on the scales.

How much do I want one of these though:

Enjoy the sunshine.


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

what a difference 24 hours make..

The sun is shining, work was really easy today and I feel better - life couldn't get much better than this.
I wasn't feeling very good this morning but due to a family emergency I had to go into work today.
I was feeling really weak and was dreading having to lift heavy boxes to and from my van but thankfully all the heavy boxes were shipped yesterday with my mum so I had it really easy driving to and from Greenock with an empty van (well almost, couldn't have been that easy).

I have been sitting today after I got back from work and have been looking at my windows. They get cleaned every 5-6 weeks by a window cleaner but that is just the outside and up until today I thought that the insides were okay. However the glorious sunshine that we are experiencing I am seeing just how streaky the windows are. To normal people this wouldn't be a problem, they would simply clean the windows but for me it is like handing me a book written in Japanese (I can't read or speak Japanese) and told to read it. I just can't do it. No matter what products I use, what cloths I use I can never get the windows looking good. They always look fine then about an hour later they look lie a toddler cleaned them.

Got any tips on how to clean the windows before anyone sees them?

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

I hate having a cold.

Since I last posted a blog entry I have been hibernating in my bed with a stinking cold. I was a bit ill on Sunday with a bit of a headache but nothing like I have been feeling since Monday morning.
I have gone from having the heating up as high as it would go to having the heating off and the window open. Just wish it would be one or the other.

Going to go and feel sorry for myself now.


Sunday, 15 March 2009

1 Week Later........

Whoops, I have neglected you a bit this week haven't I?
But I do have loads to tell you, sitting comfortably, then I will begin.

I have been working loads this week. Monday through to Wednesday was relatively normal, just a few little extra runs but on Thursday I had a mammoth delivery down to Wales to do. This is a fortnightly event, normally my step-dad does it but it is only fair that I learn the route and lend a hand sometimes in doing it to so we set off for Newport, South Wales on Thursday evening. WE got down there for about 11.30 which was quite good and got a good night sleep in the hotel before setting off for the delivery point for 8am. Once we delivered there we headed off to Swindon for another delivery - which wasn't as far away as I thought it was going to be.
I did most of the driving, going from Southwaite service station on the M6 down to Newport and then all the driving on the Friday back up to Scotland.

Yesterday I was baby sitting for my cousin's beautiful baby girl. Abbi came to me for the day so that mum and dad could go to the Edinburgh Darby yesterday and I had a great day satisfying my broody needs that I have at the minute. Thinking that having a baby that is currently ill for the whole day would be put me off the idea of having kids for a while but it didn't, in fact it probably made me want them even more.
The weekend activities didn't stop there and I have also been into Edinburgh today for a make Up lesson with the girls from Benefit. We met them at the Wedding Fayre a few weeks ago and we book another visit with them to go in and learn about more products they do and what would actually suit us individually. Me, Lea, Laura and Michelle all went into Edinburgh and had a great day today. I bought a few products with the intention of buying the others when we go back at the beginning of May for more inspiration and ideas to do with our eyes.

After we all had our makeup done we went down to Debenhams to have a look at prospective bridesmaid dresses. We were all jumping around in the changing rooms with different dresses on and we have selected a couple to go on the shortlist. We are definatly wanting to go dres shopping, today has really got me in the mood for trying on lots of big dresses, even I was jumping around in possible brdesmaid dresses as I was feeling left out.

Tonight I am back at work, therefore finally got the time to update my blog.

Enjoy what is left of the weekend.


Sunday, 8 March 2009

No more self-sabotage here

Last night I had a bit of a breakthrough. It was after dinner which was served a bit earlier than usual as we were both in and the bolognese was cooked earlier in the day. I decided that I fancied some nibbles and went on the hunt. I found the Easter eggs that we bought the other week for the sproglets (David's nieces) and really fancied one of them. Thankfully though David had a bit of a chat at me (yeah at me) and reminded me that I want to look good in my wedding dress and eating Easter eggs is not going to get me to the point of liking my appearance in a wedding dress or normal clothes, or to be honest in as little clothes as possible eg swim wear (you have no idea how much I want to wear a bikini on my honeymoon).
So anyway I backed away from the Easter eggs and instead ate some kiwi fruit then went and had a lovely massage before going to sleep early last night.

I am now determined to eat better and watch not only my calorie intake but also my portion sizes. I think I am going to try and see if I can do what all the celebs do and eat on a smaller plate, thus making my brain think that I have had a full plate of food but it is smaller amount of food.

Today as well I have behaved myself. Well almost. I have been good and eaten all of the food I brought with me, including 2 plums, 2 kiwi fruits, bananas and I also made some sandwiches so that they had no butter or mayo or anything else bad but I found the multi pack of hula hoops and have eaten 2 packs of them. I am not going to eat anything else now until I get home tonight, it is not needed as long as I drink loads!

Self motivation talk over, enjoy whats left of your weekend.


Saturday, 7 March 2009

Broken Back

I have just broken my back. I decided to use my aunt's carpet shampooer with the upholstery attachment to clean my suite as the covers don't come off. I was really getting into it, scrubbing away at the stains on the sofa (mine, not David's) as there was chocolate and all types of stuff on it from various parties and invasions from the younger sproglets over the last 6 months or so.

We are getting a new suite at the end of the month but ours is going into storage for my stepbrother and his wife and kids for when he eventually gets out of the army in April. Going for a hot bath now then I might get a massage later.



Wedding Invitations are complete........at last!

Last night I finally managed to finish making our wedding invitations. It has actually taken me months and months to get them done, partly because I have been working loads and therefore too tired in the evenings and also because I am so lazy and with the deadline not for ages yet there has been no rush to get them done. Not that you would think that by my attitude yesterday. I was determined to get the invitations complete last night so I stayed up until just before midnight working away to get them done. By the end my back was killing me as I was hunched over the coffee table cutting out the heart shapes that make the design of the invitations but what a sense of achievement in thinking that I have done that myself, for the total cost of about £30 max.

I will post a picture of the invitations, once they have been sent out so there is a surprise element for those of you that are getting them.


Friday, 6 March 2009

I LOVE Pay Day!

Today, as is every Friday, is pay day and I LOVE it.
After doing loads and loads of deliveries this week I was rewarded with my pay. I have just opened a new bank account after a dispute with my last bank so I do have to put some money away but I can also go shopping. Been needing some new clothes for a while now, but we can finally afford to go shopping. Just a pity I am working all weekend really.

In other news, I am so close to finishing the wedding invitations. I only have 9 to go then they will be finished. At the minute though I cannot be bothered with them. They have been sitting on the coffee table in the living room for a few days now, but yesterday I only made 4 when I could have finished them all but that then means in my head that at the minute at least I will have nothing more to do. Really just want to get them finished though so I can get them out of the road before sticky little fingers find them and destroy all my hard work. Better get my finger out really.

Decision made, going to make the last of the invitations.
Enjoy the weekend if I don't blog.


Thursday, 5 March 2009

So busy, let's write a blog entry ...

What a day it was yesterday.
I was out working from 10am to 8.40pm. I was out from Bathgate to Glenrothes, then 2 trips from Bathgate to Greenock, on of which was when I left Bathgate at 4.45pm and got to Greenock at 6.58pm! Normally I do this trip every lunchtime and it only takes me an hour to get there and an hour to get home so it was a bit of a culture shock for it to take over 2 hours. Today was pretty good though and I managed to get through all my deliveries quicker than normal, even with starting an hour later than usual.

Tonight I am trying to get the wedding invitations finished. I have not touched them for ages now and they are cluttering up a corner of the living room. I only have to make another 15 or 20 then that is me finished and they can get stored away upstairs in the cupboard with the other wedding stuff until they are needed. So as you can tell I am spending all my time doing the invitations, and therefore I had to write this blog entry as it couldn't possibly wait.

Suppose I better get back to it, enjoy the rest of your night.


Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Week 4: The Results are in

So, for those of you that have been reading my blog for a wee while will know that I am trying to lose weight. This week was not a good week for me, as I said yesterday I have begun to self-sabotage at the weekends, rewarding my hard work for the previous week. I was dreading getting on those scales this morning but I went, got on the scales and somehow managed to lose half a pound. Okay, so I know that is not a lot of weight but it seems to have been enough for me just to re-focus my mind into getting back into the weight loss. I also think that I am going to keep going to the Wednesday morning classes as I am more unlikely to splurge that night as I go straight into dieting for the day again, instead of rewards or treating myself on the Tuesday night.

Well we can see if this is true next week, have a good day, what is left of it.


Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Week 4:

So, normally around now I am posting a blog entry about how nervous I am about going to Slimming World tonight and getting weighed tonight, however I am having to work tonight (although to make it clear I have been given the chance to go and get weighed after my delivery) so therefore I am going to go along to another class tomorrow morning. This means that I have another day and night to try and shift some weight. I have been munching on some home made soup now for most of the week which is tasty but also this weekend I have totally self-sabotaged myself by munching on biscuits, crisps, chocolate and other bad things. I don't know why I am doing this to myself. I am normally good until the weekend then everything goes wrong in my brain. It is almost as if I feel that I should reward myself for being good all week but in doing this I am undoing all my good work of the past week.

Will let you know how things go tomorrow morning.


Sunday, 1 March 2009

Yes another, that's 3 today

Okay, so I have already posted an entry on what I have been eating today but to put it into perspective I thought I might also tell you what else I get up to whilst I am "working" here in the caravan. I have spent today in such a productive way. I have spent the last 8 hours plucking my eyebrows into submission. Until a few weeks ago I was getting my eyebrows waxed by my mate in Edinburgh but she gave up working in the salon and I am a bit strange about letting just anyone wax me, especially when it is my face, and not having a fringe means I cant hide any mistakes. I decided therefore to pluck my eyebrows myself, following the lines that were left by the last time I got waxed. Admittedly it was the 31st of January that I was last waxed and there has been a lot of regrowth since then. For those that know me you know that unless the wild beast is tamed I have one single eyebrow crawling across my face like a hairy caterpillar. So having lots of time today I decided to tame the wild beast, and start the maintenance of my eyebrows.

Is it easier to wax or pluck?

May return to getting them waxed, epecially if Sara goe back to it but for now will see if I manage.


Wedding Planning Update

It has been a while since I mentioned what has been going on in the planning of our wedding. Not a lot has changed, but we have made one more important booking in the last few weeks.
Last year at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange me and one of my bridesmaids' Michelle were looking at the hair and beauty suppliers as we wanted someone to come to us on the morning of the wedding instead of traipsing around hair salons and beauty salons in the morning, increasing the stress and not having much time to relax on the morning of the wedding. We saw one company that we really liked. They were 2 girls, who have set up the business out of their home so they have no overheads like rent on business premises and their costs reflect this.

A year later I was talking to my friend online who got married last year and it turned out she had used this company. She recommended them as well so we have booked them. That is me, 4 bridesmaids (Laura, Lea, Flo & Michelle) and my mum getting pampered and having our hair and make up done at the hotel on the morning of the wedding.

Another thing to cross of the list.


Food News

So, it has been a few days since I mentioned the dreaded D word, DIET. After my setback on the scales on Tuesday I decided to try and go hardcore on the food situation. So far this week has been pretty good, even when we ate out on Friday night it was in Wagamama so I think I made mainly the right choices (except maybe the cheesecake for pudding). David and I have been eating lots of home cooking, even my home made lentil soup is low calorie so I have been munching away on that.

That was until today.

I am back on my security shifts and sitting in the caravan on this beautiful day (just in case you are wondering the sarcasm was intended) and there is nothing really great to eat. I got my mum to bring up some rolls and meat but also a multi pack of hula hoops which I am slowly munching my way through.

I think I will have to pay a visit to the gym tomorrow to make up for it.