Monday, 6 April 2009

Resepct the Law........yeah right!!!

So, today and in fact this week is completely different to what I am used too. I have no scheduled work, meaning no income at present. This worries me. As discussed on the last blog entry I have a tropical wedding to pay for now so lack of money is a problem for me.
The phone rings at 8.05 this morning, could I go to Glasgow? Nice and easy. "Definitely" I say. Delivery goes well and I start out home.

Back on the motorway linking Edinburgh and Glasgow (Livingston is also on this road) where I start getting harassed by 2 white vans. Normally I drive a white van when I am working but due to the early phone call I jumped into my little black car and went. I was literally getting boxed in with one van behind me and one in front. Trying to think logically before calling the police I am trying to find a pen (I always have a pen to hand in the car in case of address changes for deliveries) which of course I cant. I was literally driving along for about 10 junctions on the motorway with these "men" (I put that in brackets as real men wouldn't act like that) not allowing me to overtake or when I pull into the inside lane to let the one behind me overtake they move with me. I am starting to get scared. I dial 999 on the mobile (I have hands-free so I am legal - them on the other hand are clearly talking to each other and laughing their heads off on their hand-held mobiles) and report it to the police. I am told to go to the local police station as soon as I am off the motorway and do this. I am given an incident number and relay this so I don't have to go through the whole ordeal again.
What am I told - NOTHING THEY CAN DO as I have no witnesses!!!!!
Because there was 4 of them (in the 2 vans) and 1 of me I would not be believed if they were questioned as they would all stick together. Never mind that I am very visibly shaking and (embarrassingly) crying - although not so much that I look like a fool, maybe that would have helped though.

Well done. Glad to see that women are safe driving on their own!!!!

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  1. Oh my God, Mhairi, how horrendous - I would've been absoloutely terrified! I am furious on your behalf that there's nothing the police could do - I mean, surely they could at the very least contact the drivers of the vans and let them know that a complaint had been made, and hopefully put them off doing it again? Unbelieveable to think people behave like that for fun - glad you're OK, though.