Monday, 29 June 2009

My dress - done

Just back from the shop and that's it, decision made and I have ordered my wedding dress. I have gone for the more sensible choice which is the light weight chiffon dress. Thankfully though everyone that came along (there was 6 of us) actually preferred this dress so I was quite pleased.

I have set myself a bit of a target as well. I have ordered my dress in a couple of sizes smaller than I am at the minute. This is for 2 reasons - one because obviously it makes me slim down before the wedding. The second is purely because I am tight. If I had ordered the dress in the size I am at the minute then I would have had to pay 10% extra so by ordering the slightly smaller size I actually get a discount. I have been sensible though and realistic about how much weight I can lose before the wedding - I only need to lose 4 inches around my tummy to fit into the dress so that should be achievable in 9 months.

David & I are heading out for a walk now to start the weight loss battle. Finally something proper to work towards - just the wedding wasn't obviously enough.


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