Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Been A While...

I haven't forgot about the blog, honestly. I have been doing a different job this week and I don't like it. Normally I courier parcels around as and when I am required but this week I have been asked to cover for the office manager as he is on holiday so I have been in the office dealing with engineers and trying to organise couriers to deliver the packages when they have been requested. Prior to doing this I have been thinking about changing jobs and getting steady hours possibly in an office but definitely not after this week. I have only done 3 days and although nothing has gone wrong I have been reminded what it is about working in an office I don't like. It is being confined - I got bored so easily that to sit and look at the same 4 walls constantly drives me mad. At least with the job I have my wallpaper constantly changes so it is always different.

Roll on Monday when I get back to normal.


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