Saturday, 11 July 2009

David's Purchases

So, we are back from the shops and we both got some nice new clothes. David got some cropped trousers and some linen full length combat trousers. I got a couple of pairs of shorts as well. When we got home David did a bit of a fashion show and thankfully everything fitted (he isn't that keen on trying stuff on in shops) but while he was trying on his clothes he came across my shorts in the same bag. I am unable to try on my clothes at the minute as I am buying clothes that are all currently too small for me as my main motivation for getting the weight off before we go away (if the weight doesn't come off I have no clothes to go away in).
Anyway David held them up against him and I asked him to put them on (just to see if how they would look) and he did. Whilst I was laughing my head off I managed to capture this:

Yes, this is him in my little shorts. Being the typical British man though he wouldn't take his socks off - I did however manage to persuade him to roll them down a bit. He doesn't know it yet but I am going to go through his case and make sure he doesn't have any socks packed away so he can't wear them (well except the ones for his kilt I suppose).


  1. lol! I can't believe you managed to persuade him to have his photo taken!

  2. I know - neither can I.
    I also managed to get him to put on my other pair of sorts that I bought but he wouldn't let me take a picture of those.