Sunday, 9 August 2009

Weekend chit-chat

Friday night was a great success. My cooking skills were fantastic even if I do say so myself. I cooked dinner for 5 or us for David's birthday and everything went really smoothly. Even the unexpected arrival of David's brother in law and his 3 nieces didn't hamper the process too much and I was still able to juggle my timings and get everything out at the same time.

I should at this little pause point out that all I cooked was lamb shanks, mashed potatoes, home made roast potatoes, brussel sprouts and green beans so nothing was very taxing.

David had a good night and we all got a little merry on the alcohol with David's mum and me getting through 3 bottles of wine between the two of us.

After consuming that, the food, a 1/6th share of a cheesecake as well as a 1/6th share of birthday cake I really need to get back out and exercising. With working today until 11pm I don't think there will be any exercise from me but tomorrow night I will get back out and go for a run again with David. We both need to work off the meal and booze from Friday night.


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