Monday, 28 December 2009

Festivities & Frolics


How are you all doing?
Recovering from all the food and booze from last week? Ready to do it all again this weekend?
I am really looking forward to Friday, it is going to be manic but fun at the same time. I am cooking for 11 people on New Year's Day, and it is going to be a big 3 course meal. Hopefully David will give me a hand - he is normally quite good at doing that kind of thing.

So, was Santa good to you?
Like I said in my last post I was spoilt rotten, I was given a voucher for a personal trainer session which is great. Definitely going to use that one early in the new year to get me back into the swing of going to the gym. I think I might keep up the personal trainer thing, especially in the run up to the wedding - maybe one a week or every fortnight just to keep me motivated and lose as much weight as possible before the wedding. It all seems so close now. My little facebook countdown clock is telling me it is only 93 days until the wedding. It is all very real all of a sudden!
Talking of weddings can I just take a wee minute to say a massive CONGRATULATIONS to my brother Craig and his new fiancée Becky. They got engaged last night and I am so pleased for the both of them.

Have a very happy and healthy New Year and I will be back soon.


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