Friday, 2 January 2009

2009 - how's that going for you then?

So, 2009 has been is full swing for 2 days now - are you enjoying it?

2009 has started in the same way as 2008 finished for us here - will lots of food and booze. Yesterday David and I went to his parents' house for a quiet dinner (for 11 people) and a few drinks. It was good to spend time with that side of the family as Christmas was spent mostly with my side of the family. We went round to the house and were greeted by David's beautiful nieces who all wished us "Happy New Year" and shook our hands (they are 5, 2 and 1 so was very cute). Dinner was very yummy, Chicken stuffed with haggis and a honey and mustard sauce with prawns for starter and a choice of 3 puddings.

Today I was going to do some food shopping after finishing work but all the shops decided to shut early today (or at least that was what their websites said) so David hadn't cooked any dinner on the understanding that I would bring something in but no. So we ended up paying a visit to our local Domino's Pizza where we ordered too much pizza and have just finished stuffing our faces. My reasoning for this, well apart from the supermarkets being shut is that I have got a week to say goodbye to my favorite foods before I go back onto the Lighterlife diet. I am so looking forward to starting the diet, and finally getting my body into the shape that it should be. Roll on the summer when I can comfortably, and unashamedly go wedding dress shopping.

For now


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