Saturday, 3 January 2009

I am already turning into Bridezilla!

Oh my god. I am not sure why, but has totally hit me that our wedding is next year. We got engaged in 2007, so 2010 seemed ages away - we booked our venue with 2 years 10 months to go before the date but now, all of a sudden it is happening next year. The last year has gone by so quickly, and although I hae done a bit of organising there is still so much to do. Okay, so we do still have 19 months - so plenty of time but I like to be organised well in advance of the day so that last minute things can be taken care of calmly without having to deal with last minute problems and stuff that hasn't even been organised yet. I remember when my mum got married 4 years ago we were all ready, the limo was outside and she wasn't in her dress yet - I was so stressed and she was so calm.

So, what is done already:
The venue is booked.
The photographer and videographer are booked.
The flowers are bought (apart rom mine, they will be bought this month from the USA) and stored in the cupboard (we are using silk flowers).
The day invitations are made - just the night ones to go.
The celebrant has been contacted, we are paying the deposit this week to secure our booking.
The bridesmaids, flowergirls and best man have been selected and asked.
The flowergirls' dresses have been bought and stored.
The table decorations have been bought and stored.
I think I have found my wedding dress - just need to try it on in the summer once I have lost the weight.
Decided on the tartan for the groom and best man.
Got the seating plan started - RSVP pending.

Bridezilla is on the war path

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