Saturday, 10 January 2009

Day 1...

So, it has been a couple of days since I last posted anything on here - and it is down to damn laziness that this is the case. But today is the start of something new. Last night David and I went to Chiquito's for dinner before going to the cinema. We had a nice dinner, but neither of us finished as we completely stuffed ourselves with the nachos we got as a starter. We went to see "Bride Wars" which was really funny. If you are really interested in the typical Chick flick then this is so much better. It has definitely been one of the best films of that genre I have seen in a while.

Today though is the important day. Today I started Lighterlife. I had my first shake this morning, and I have had my soup for lunch. Looking forward to soup and a shake for dinner tonight. I went to my first meeting this morning, and it was really good to get back into the structure of the diet. Roll on the summer when I can fit into nice, new clothes that actually look nice.

I will eventually add before and after photos, and once the weight is off I may even disclose the before and after weight, but for now - that's a secret.


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