Sunday, 11 January 2009

Day 2...

So, I managed to survive day 1 of the Lighterlife diet, although I had a bit of a wobble later in the day, after our visit to the gym. I wanted to eat something so much and then my wee brother asked me to get him a pizza from Pizza Hut. I went in a complete sulk and wanted something to eat - instead of the soup or smoothies I will be on for months. But after talking to David, and trying to see sense myself I decided to have a shake and go to bed. Today I am so glad that I didn't eat anything. I am sat, in the caravan doing security work. The cupboards are full of crisps and biscuits and I am not touching any of them, nor do I want to.

Wedding planning is going to pretty much take most of my time as I try to take my focus away from eating, and conventional food. God help us but there might be a return of Bridezilla before long.



  1. Hiya sweetie
    hope your 3rd day on the diet is going well. I stood on my scales this morning and nearly died!! But that's not stopped me having the munchies and eating TWO chocie biscuits
    speak to you soon
    Lea x

  2. Well done for resisting. I am routing for you :)