Sunday, 4 January 2009

Return of Bridezilla

So, it is Sunday morning, around 8:30am and what were all my friends hearing (especially those involved in the wedding) - beep, beep beep beep from their mobiles as I am trying to contact them about going to a wedding fair. Is the fair today I hear you ask? No, it is February. Yeah 5 weeks away! So I think my friends are going to murder me next time they see me - which by the way is going to be at the wedding fair as they have said that they are coming. Well the ones that have replied to the text have anyway. I am assuming the others are still in bed, recovering from their wild Saturday night out. I love wedding fairs. David even likes them too, but I think this more to do with the free cake and chocolate fountains than the beautiful gowns and fashion show that I will be focusing on.

I have also sent the cheque for the deposit off to the celebrant for the wedding. So we now have someone that will perform the ceremony. Woo-hoo! I have been reading the booklet we were sent with the booking pack, and it is great. I think I am getting emotional too soon though as I was reading some of the sample vows and poems that can be read during the service and I was getting really emotional. God only knows what I will be like on the actually day. Wrecked make up - so glam for the photos. Was looking at the website for our photographer again, and I really think that we have made the correct choice there too. I was a bit concerned a few weeks ago as we never met with any other companies before booking with them but since then a couple of girls I went to school have gotten married and have used the same company. They both agreed that the company is great, so I am more relaxed about it all now.
I think we are totally going on our gut instincts for this wedding. We booked our venue without seeing others, although we did contact others in the area for quotes - some of which were never received (totally wanted our custom didn't you?). Okay, so the venue wasn't completely unknown before we booked it. David's sister had her reception there about 11 years ago so we have been able to get little bits of info about how everything ran, and whether or not they were adaptable (which so far they totally seem to be).

What were you wedding experiences?


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  1. We went on instinct too a lot of the time, and our venue was also the only one we went to see - no regrets at all though, I think instict is a good way to go!