Monday, 23 February 2009

the busiest weekend ever

I am absolutely shattered. over the last 4 days I have been running around like a mad person. On Thursday and Friday we had a family funeral so that was tiring in an emotional way. On Saturday I was working in the morning then went out to the theatre at night. It sounds dead posh, but we had a girlie night in Edinburgh seeing "the Vagina Monologues". It was great. What a giggle we all had. There was a group of 6 of us, we started at my friend's house having dinner which was so yummy then we all travelled into the city centre for the show.
Yesterday me and Michelle went into Glasgow for a make over and photo shoot. We were made up to look so glam, then had photos taken in various different poses, some sexy and some in evening gowns. The photos were great, I didn't actually purchase any of my photos, they were priced quite high but Michelle - who had won the competition to go - got her photos, so looking forward to getting them and having a proper look at them.

Did you have a good weekend?


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