Friday, 6 February 2009

It's Friday..... Next It's The Weekend...

How fab has the weather been today?
Yeah okay, it is cold (very very cold) but it is lovely and sunny. Proper sunshine and blue skies. Who would have thought it after the last few days?

Today I have had a proper pamper day, been and had my hair cut which was great. I last had my hair cut in October (I had to cancel my appointment in December due to being too busy cooking Christmas dinner) so it was great today to go and sit and chill out for about 40 minutes. I love getting my hair washed at the hairdressers. I love the scalp massage you get when they are applying the conditioner. I went from having a mullet-style cut (well it was after the previous cut had grown out) to a slinky, long bob style which I really like. My hairdresser Michael is great. He is about the only person I trust to cut my hair without having to oversee every movement that they make. There was only one other hairdresser that before Michael that I could literally just say "cut my hair, I am fed up of it" and end up with a great cut, nothing which I could have expected either.

Tonight David and I are going shopping to Ikea. We are going to get a computer table and some other stuff for the spare bedroom before we have people over to stay tomorrow night. Looking forward to having everyone over tomorrow. David is going out to his friends for the night so it will truly be a girls night, and we are going to have fun. Then the excitement builds towards Sunday when we are all going to the wedding fayre. Looking forward to this weekend.


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