Monday, 9 February 2009

Wedding Fair News

So, the weekend was great. On Saturday night I had the girls round for some dinner and drinks. We had fun, and managed to get through a few bottles of wine, and even more pringles and dips. What a change from the norm to just be able to relax enjoy myself with my friends without having to worry about work the next morning. Mum was also round and she seemed to really enjoy herself as well. It was good that she did, seeing as it was my bridal party that was here, as well as my brother's girlfriend. Everyone really liked her and my mum (those that hadn't met them) and we were all looking forward to the following day and the wedding fair.

So, on Sunday we all headed off to the wedding fair at Ingliston in Edinburgh. David and I were able to meet with some people that we are definitely wanting to speak with again. The fashion show was really good too, and I was able to see things that I definitely don't want and things that could be adapted to what I do want. I did see a couple of dresses that I wouldn't mind trying when the time comes.
Mum was looking at the Mother of the Bride outfits, and I was really uncomplimentary about 1 that she had looked at. I was knackered, and a bit grumpy cause David kept disappearing after telling me that he wanted me to see a tartan that he liked so when we were looking at mother of the bride outfits I said it looked like someone had thrown up on it - which so wasn't true, and it was actually nice, and would have went really well with the colour of bridesmaid dresses that I have picked out. Sorry mum, I will be more supportive when we do actually go outfit shopping for you, promise.


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