Sunday, 15 February 2009

Love Is In The Air

So, after a really romantic day yesterday my thoughts have turned once again to the wedding. David and I were discussing it quite a bit last night. Things we are willing to not have, things we don't want or need and things we absolutely have to have. Now I have turned my attention back to the bridesmaids dresses. I have already said that I have the colour picked out and that is never going to change, at least not in a major way as the invitations have already been made to match them, but I am rethinking the idea of having the girls pick dresses that they want and may not be identical. I have been looking at wedding photos recently, and I have to admit that dresses that are the same looked a lot smarter in the photo than different dresses. There is however one exception to this. This is when the dresses are all the same from the waist down, but the neck lines are all different. One is strapless, another may be halterneck, another have a V-neck etc. This does go along with the idea of making sure the dresses are all the same length and the same material so that could be a possibility.

Also I have been looking at poems and readings for during the service. At the minute though they are all really good so can decide, might let David have a look (it is after all his wedding day too). Originally the plan was not to have any readings or poems or singing during the ceremony as we wanted to get through it as quickly as possible. This is not because we are not looking forward to it, it is simply because the wedding is a day spent with family and friends and to be honest we have all been to weddings where they drag on and on for ages, and people, especially the children (of which there will be about 8 of them) start to get bored and lose interest in what is going on. David and I have talked though about having maybe one or two readings through the ceremony, as a little interlude in the proceeding.
Anyway enjoy what is left of Sunday, and Valentine's weekend.

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