Thursday, 26 February 2009

round 2...

so, tonight has been a bit more eventful than today. I have been to do my delivery tonight and that took at least 30 minutes less than normal thanks to me coming back from Edinburgh via the motorway instead of the back roads. So I had dinner then got a call from my mm asking me if I wanted to go out with her on another job. For the past few weeks I have been working on Saturday mornings in a depot waiting on the telephone to ring and then to arrange the courier to deliver the part but tonight we were the courier. I went with her as I have not done anything yet whilst I have been there working and did not know what the procedure was for when everything got exciting and the calls started coming in at the weekend. Typically now though I am not working this weekend as we are splitting the work between ourselves and another courier so it will be another week before I put into practice what I learnt tonight. That is unless I get called out tonight. I have volunteered to be on call tonight so I can get called out any time between 5pm tonight and 8am tomorrow morning.

Going to try and get some sleep now, in case I get called out at some stupid time of the morning.


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