Sunday, 1 March 2009

Food News

So, it has been a few days since I mentioned the dreaded D word, DIET. After my setback on the scales on Tuesday I decided to try and go hardcore on the food situation. So far this week has been pretty good, even when we ate out on Friday night it was in Wagamama so I think I made mainly the right choices (except maybe the cheesecake for pudding). David and I have been eating lots of home cooking, even my home made lentil soup is low calorie so I have been munching away on that.

That was until today.

I am back on my security shifts and sitting in the caravan on this beautiful day (just in case you are wondering the sarcasm was intended) and there is nothing really great to eat. I got my mum to bring up some rolls and meat but also a multi pack of hula hoops which I am slowly munching my way through.

I think I will have to pay a visit to the gym tomorrow to make up for it.


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