Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Week 1, the weigh in

So, just back from Slimming World and luckily I have managed to maintain my weight this week. After the weekend I have just had though this is a good thing. I honestly thought I was going to have to walk in and announce that on my first week I had put on weight.
After eating all the cake and drinking All the wine, champagne and cocktails at the wedding fayre on Sunday, not to mention all the snacks and things on the Saturday night it is actually a miracle that I didn't put any weight on.
We all managed to eat our way round the wedding fair. From the many different wedding cake stands to the chocolate fountain stands to the wine and champagne stands (and the Tesco wine tasting tutorial) to the fudge/shortbread/tablet stands. Obviously there were other stands that we were interested in, such as the harpist, and the sugar flowers that could be used to decorate the wedding cake but the food and drink were definitely an appealing distraction from all the important, overwhelming wedding planning stuff.

Have fun, enjoy Tuesday night. I an going to finish my glass of Rosé that has been just been poured for me.


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