Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Wedding Dresses

So, been thinking more about my wedding dress today.
I have been asked so many times over the weekend when I think I will be ready to go and try on wedding dresses - each time I replied that I will be doing it around Christmas time, giving myself some time to get a bit of weight off, and get some money saved so I can actually pay for it. Bearing in mind that we don't actually get married until August 2010, over a year away yet it is surprising how many wedding dress shops want you to go in now. I had always believed that you didn't need to go dress shopping until about 10 months before the wedding - 2-3 months to find the dress and 6 months for the shop to order it in. Now though they are saying that they have already had orders processed for December 2010. Surely people are not that organised - even I have not got myself that prepared.
How long before your wedding did you start dress shopping?


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  1. I think Amber had hers a year in advance :)