Sunday, 15 March 2009

1 Week Later........

Whoops, I have neglected you a bit this week haven't I?
But I do have loads to tell you, sitting comfortably, then I will begin.

I have been working loads this week. Monday through to Wednesday was relatively normal, just a few little extra runs but on Thursday I had a mammoth delivery down to Wales to do. This is a fortnightly event, normally my step-dad does it but it is only fair that I learn the route and lend a hand sometimes in doing it to so we set off for Newport, South Wales on Thursday evening. WE got down there for about 11.30 which was quite good and got a good night sleep in the hotel before setting off for the delivery point for 8am. Once we delivered there we headed off to Swindon for another delivery - which wasn't as far away as I thought it was going to be.
I did most of the driving, going from Southwaite service station on the M6 down to Newport and then all the driving on the Friday back up to Scotland.

Yesterday I was baby sitting for my cousin's beautiful baby girl. Abbi came to me for the day so that mum and dad could go to the Edinburgh Darby yesterday and I had a great day satisfying my broody needs that I have at the minute. Thinking that having a baby that is currently ill for the whole day would be put me off the idea of having kids for a while but it didn't, in fact it probably made me want them even more.
The weekend activities didn't stop there and I have also been into Edinburgh today for a make Up lesson with the girls from Benefit. We met them at the Wedding Fayre a few weeks ago and we book another visit with them to go in and learn about more products they do and what would actually suit us individually. Me, Lea, Laura and Michelle all went into Edinburgh and had a great day today. I bought a few products with the intention of buying the others when we go back at the beginning of May for more inspiration and ideas to do with our eyes.

After we all had our makeup done we went down to Debenhams to have a look at prospective bridesmaid dresses. We were all jumping around in the changing rooms with different dresses on and we have selected a couple to go on the shortlist. We are definatly wanting to go dres shopping, today has really got me in the mood for trying on lots of big dresses, even I was jumping around in possible brdesmaid dresses as I was feeling left out.

Tonight I am back at work, therefore finally got the time to update my blog.

Enjoy what is left of the weekend.


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  1. I'm tired just reading that!

    What did you get from Benefit? I bought loads of their stuff for the wedding as a little present to myself - love their stuff!