Thursday, 19 March 2009

Diet Chat

Okay, so it has been a good while since I last discussed what is going on with my trying to lose weight.

I have not fallen off the wagon - well not completely anyway. I have missed that last 2 Slimming World classes so I am trying to be good whilst I am unable to get there.
The first week I was working, we normally have someone covering the deliveries I do in the evening but for some reason we couldn't get anyone so I had to do them myself.
The second week (just this week) I was ill so it meant that I wasn't there again.

I am trying to be good with what I am eating so hopefully when I go back next Tuesday I will see a fair result on the scales.

How much do I want one of these though:

Enjoy the sunshine.



  1. I wish you luck :) Losing weight isn't an easy task when your working hours get messed up all the time. One of the main reasons I have managed to keep losing the weight in recent months is due to the same old routine. Makes it much easier to fit in gym classes etc.

  2. I wish it was that simple.
    Most of the time I do stick to the same hours but occasionally, like this next week I have to drive to Wales for a delivery.

    I will get there, just need to be careful when I an out of my routine.