Wednesday, 18 March 2009

what a difference 24 hours make..

The sun is shining, work was really easy today and I feel better - life couldn't get much better than this.
I wasn't feeling very good this morning but due to a family emergency I had to go into work today.
I was feeling really weak and was dreading having to lift heavy boxes to and from my van but thankfully all the heavy boxes were shipped yesterday with my mum so I had it really easy driving to and from Greenock with an empty van (well almost, couldn't have been that easy).

I have been sitting today after I got back from work and have been looking at my windows. They get cleaned every 5-6 weeks by a window cleaner but that is just the outside and up until today I thought that the insides were okay. However the glorious sunshine that we are experiencing I am seeing just how streaky the windows are. To normal people this wouldn't be a problem, they would simply clean the windows but for me it is like handing me a book written in Japanese (I can't read or speak Japanese) and told to read it. I just can't do it. No matter what products I use, what cloths I use I can never get the windows looking good. They always look fine then about an hour later they look lie a toddler cleaned them.

Got any tips on how to clean the windows before anyone sees them?


  1. I suggest bricking the windows up and having a sun lamp in every room :)

  2. apparantly using newspaper instead of a cloth works?

  3. Terry Got to agree - If only it was my own house!!!