Sunday, 22 March 2009

New Wedding Forum

There is a new wedding forum that has recently been set up which I really like.

There is the chance to talk to other users about different ideas and problems you may be having/facing when planning your wedding.

You should check them out over at

They have a fantastic offer running as well. If you join (which is free) and post 100 comments and/or blog entries (they have a blog section as well) you will receive a set of "Groom" cuff links. Then for every 500 comments after that you get to choose what cuff links you want until you have the full set of 18 different pairs.
You could deck out your whole wedding party with them.

Have a look


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  1. Hi Mhairi,

    I am one of the moderators at Talk Wedding. I just wanted to say a big thank you for giving the new forum a big boost. It is very difficult to get a new forum off the ground but thanks to you we are getting some very engaging chats under way. We are currently trying to negotiate a deal with the manufacturer's of the cufflinks so that we can reduce the number of posts / blogs required to get the free gifts.

    Thank you once again and good luck with the wedding plans.