Thursday, 23 April 2009

Slimming World surprises here

So, Tuesday has been and gone but I haven't updated my blog as I didn't go - again.

My little van broke and I had to take it to the garage to get the exhaust fixed. But of course it meant that the mechanic couldn't look at it until 4pm - it was dropped off much earlier than that and it wasn't going to be ready until 6pm! That is 30 mins after the slimming world group starts, and the class is 20 miles away. As it was I went back at 6 to be told that it wasn't fixed, they needed to order more parts in. Typical.

Hopefully everything will go okay this week and I might actually make it into the class, if not then will see about getting in for the Wednesday morning class - cant keep going the way I am. Definitely piling the weight on at the minute which isn't good considering I am ordering my wedding dress in a couple of weeks. Argh!!!!!


  1. I have heard that slimming world works if you follow it. I think it is great that you are happy the way you are! You would be trying to lose weight if you really wanted to so it's great that you and your partner love you the weight that you r now.
    love the blogging. keep it up!
    Sammy x

  2. Hi Sammy

    Thanks for the feedback, it is good to know that the blog is getting out there.
    I am realistic about my weight, I know I am overweight and need to do something about it for my own health but my fiancé is great and doesn't care about my weight, he has never judged me for the weight I am.

    THanks again