Saturday, 25 April 2009

Eye eye

I absolutely love this online beauty blog,

They always discuss new products that are coming out on the market and also are willing to try them out on themselves first.

A couple of weeks ago they reviewed the Girls Aloud false eyelashes from Superdrug. Now I have been looking for false eyelashes for a while now so this really appealed to me. After seeing some of the before and after photos I decided to go out a buy them. This morning whilst I was out in the town centre I went into Superdrug and purchased my Cheryl Cole lashes. They are fantastic. They are quite short at the inner eye but at the outer eye they are so long and thick, and look amazing. I haven't actually tried them on yet, I am keeping them for my birthday night out in a couple of weeks but they look like they are going to be great.

If they work well I will probably get the rest of them to try - especially the Nicola Roberts ones as they are the shorter but thick lashes that I think I would like to wear for my wedding next spring.

Enjoy your weekend - check out the beauty blog, it's great.


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  1. Wow, thanks for the link - really glad you like the site: and the eyelashes, of course! I still think the Cheryl ones are my favourite: I love the drama of them! Still have the Nadine and Sarah ones to try, though, so who knows, maybe a new favourite will emerge. I really wish I had thought to use false eyelashes for my wedding: I have no idea now why it didn't occur to me!