Monday, 22 June 2009

David's Kilt - Done

So yesterday David's mum and dad decided to have a day out up in St. Andrews. When they were there they saw a kilt shop offering the kilt (with a choice of 6 different tartans), belt, sporran, Jacobean shirt and the socks for £100. David has been wanting a purple tartan to go with my choice of shoes. Although my dress is white I am wearing purple shoes. We have only found purple tartans in the full kilt but we have wanted the lightweight version as it is easier to transport and will be cooler to wear when we are out in the heat of the Dominican Republic.

After speaking to David we decided to get his mum and dad to get us the kilt so we waited last night for them to bring it home for us so David could try it on. I wish I had remembered to take a photo of it when he was wearing it as it looked so smart but there will be loads of photos when he is wearing it on the big day. Here is a photo of the kilt hanging up - as you can see it really doesn't look any different to a "normal" kilt but it cost over £300 cheaper. I think that it was even cheaper than what it would have cost to hire a kilt for the time we need it.


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