Wednesday, 24 June 2009

slightly calmer now, but still not happy

so, last week wasn't a great week for me on the scales and if I am honest then there hasn't really been a great week for me for a long long long time. This week though I thought all of that was about to change. I posted a picture of the massive fruit salad I made on Friday night, well all that was gone by lunch time on Monday (thankfully as I was starting to retch at the sight of fruit salad). This week was meant to be a good week on the scales. I had been so careful with portion control as well as what I was actually eating so what happened when I jumped onto the scales this morning. Nothing. Literally nothing, well not literally nothing - I am not that light yet but what I mean is that it laughs at me and says "You haven't lost anything. You haven't tried this week. Ha Ha Ha".

I wasn't happy. Still not happy. Not quite sure what to do now. Followed the diet to the letter and still don't lose any weight. Have been told to follow it for another week and see what happens next week - I tell you now though, there better be a good weight loss or there will be murder.


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