Thursday, 11 June 2009

Wedding Purchases

A few months ago I was doing a delivery for one of my customers to a company that cuts pieces of metal and quartz and stuff with water jets. I asked about getting some initials done for the top of our wedding cake as we had been quoted £200 from a wedding cake shop to have them personalised. I was told I could get them done for about £40 so I ordered them.

For weeks and weeks and weeks I have been going out to Hillington (other side of Glasgow) to collect them only to find that they haven't been made yet (I told them that I wasn't getting married until next August so there was no rush).

Typically though that when my mum was out there for one of her deliveries she asked about my initials - and they were ready. She collected them for me.

Here they are:

The spikes at the bottom are going to go into the cake so that the letters stand up from the cake.


  1. They are...different!

  2. Yes they are. We didn't want the typical bride and groom standng on top of the cake - everyone does that. Just to point out these aren't going to be the only things on the cake. There will also be some flowers there too.

    Maybe I am not describing it very well - will post pictures when they are in use and it will look better.