Saturday, 13 June 2009

Still Holiday Shopping

It is 40 weeks on Tuesday until we go away - yeah that is 283 days until we depart for the Dominican Republic and I can't seem to stop myself from buying "essentials" for the holiday.

Yesterday I went out to the local shopping centre and bought all out suntan lotion. Admittedly it was all on offer so instead of paying £13 a bottle I got it on a buy on get one free offer so it did save us some money but even still. Don't think David was too impressed to begin with, until he remembered that there isn't another summer before we go that we can take advantage of the offers that are on. So as well as getting all the sun cream I also got all our toiletries. We have been advised by different websites to take everything you need as the resorts don't stock these items, nor do the supermarkets - you have to go to special shops to buy them. I bought all the miniatures so that we can ditch them once they have been used without bringing back half empty bottles with us.

Just a pity I cant be bothered to start buying some of the clothes I will need. Admittedly this is because I don't know what size I will be by then - I have a realistic idea of what size I could get down to by then but don't want to buy anything yet, just in case I either don't do it or exceed my expectations and lose more weight (yeah right).

Going to go back into the centre today - forgot to buy the after sun that was also on offer. Might have a look at the clothes as well, there are some good offers on just now.


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