Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Weight Loss Update

So, today being Wednesday it is time to update you all on the weight loss progress. Went along to Slimming world and wasn't all that hopeful of a weight loss. I had been to a BBQ on Saturday night which was great and I ate like a pig. Also I had been down to Newcastle on a deliver on Tuesday so my lunch was a grab and go from the local supermarket. So anyway go to Slimming World and get on the scales and lost 1.5lbs. For the week I had (food wise) that is a fantastic weight loss and I am really pleased with it.

I keep thinking about the wedding dress and how I have ordered it in a smaller size so I need to get the weight off. There is no room for wanting the weight off now - it needs to come off and I am so ready for it to happen now.


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