Sunday, 5 July 2009

And then the bubble burst.....

So, over the past few days I have been blogging about how good things seem to be going at the minute with the wedding plans and the weight and everything. Well yesterday put a stop to that.

I got a call yesterday morning from the travel agent to say that all the documentation about the wedding booking had been received. As soon as I finished work I went up to the travel agents and collected it all. I was told to take it away and have a read through. Typically for me though I barely got out the shop before taring open the envelope and started reading. So glad I did. The wedding department of the particular travel agent is still spelling David's surname wrong - even though they have been told twice by me and then twice by the travel agent themselves. The holiday booking spelling is correct and they are meant to import the details from that so can't understand how they are getting that wrong.
Also they haven't booked us a wedding! No instead we got confirmation of our vow renewal. We are not married yet never mind at the point of renewing our vows. The girl in the shop was fantastic, she got straight onto the phone and called the wedding department who assured us it was a typo but not believing them she called the wedding coordinator in the Dominican Republic to ask what they had booked, and it was a renewal of vows. Now though it looks like it is getting sorted and we should have our new confirmation through at some point this week.

These people do this kind of booking all the time so how can they get it so wrong.



  1. Phew! Lucky you noticed, that could have been a disaster. Hi by the way :)

  2. God, that's terrible, especially, as you say, when it's something they're presumably booking all the time. Thank goodness you checked the paperwork carefully enough to have noticed it!

  3. Hi Terry & Amber

    Hope the holiday was a good one?
    I never normally give the documentation too much attention - just make sure the dates are correct and stuff but thankfully i did notice it otherwise we would be paying out all that money for a honeymoon but no wedding.
    I was furious yesterday but now just really disappointed in them.