Wednesday, 16 September 2009

and now the panic sets in........

I just called the bridal shop to finally get the measurements that my dress will be when it is delivered in a couple of months. Oh My God! I have so much weight and inches to go. I think this is the wake up call I have needed. I am gobsmacked it is so much. I always thought I could do it and there wasn't a major rush but after seeing these measurements in black and white (well purple and white - I used a purple pen) I am so motivated - I have to be.

For the dress to fit when it arrives I need to lose 1.5" off my bust, 5" off my waist and 3.5" off my hips. That is actually quite real now. If I want the dress to be a size 12 (all my holiday clothes are this size) then I have to lose 7.5" off my bust, 11" off my waist and 9.5" off my hips.

Think I am going to head to the gym twice a day for the next 5 months and I might just do it.

Wake up call received loud and clear!

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