Sunday, 20 September 2009

Day Trip

It has been ages since David and I actually did something with our day off but today was different. Since he passed his test on Thursday we decided to get him driving on the motorway so we took a little trip up to St Andrews for a day out. Whilst there we bought him his outfit for his work's Christmas night out.

This is the kilt he is going to wear with black socks, black shirt, silver cravat and a grey waistcoat. Think he will look super smart, just hope my outfit will look as good beside his. I am recycling an old outfit. Well I say old, I have wore it once since I bought it. Think I am going to adapt it slightly though so it will look different for those that have seen it before.



  1. It's a pretty fly kilt, sister. Sure he will look dashing.

  2. Hey Mhairi, hope you had a good weekend.

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