Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Been Hiding

So, I have been too ashamed to come on here for a while and update with what has been going on.
I dropped the diet for a while and went off the rails.

But things have changed again and I am back. I even went back to the gym this morning! Yeah this morning - not hiding there in the evenings but I faced it in the daylight, and it wasn't that bad. I almost enjoyed it. The only way I could have enjoyed it more was if I wasn't so unfit that I was almost sick at the end of my programme.

Got myself booked in for a programme review now - only got 4 months until the wedding and want to look as good as I can in the time that I have (only wish I had started 2 years ago when we got engaged).



  1. hello, is your wedding dress due in the shoppe in November? will it fit, thot you got it in a different size from you are now? its good to see that you don't feel you have to loose the wait. everybosy loves you the way you are. Sammy x

  2. I read some of your posts and I wish you all the best.