Sunday, 13 December 2009


Saturday was a fun filled day for me - well after 12 anyway when I finished work. I had a girlie night out with my friends where we all exchanged our Christmas gifts and indulged in too much wine.

Saturday afternoon though was amazing - I finally collected my wedding dress. After all the upheaval of the last couple of weeks when I thought my dress was missing then it turning up I finally got to go and try it on then take it away with me.
And after all my hassle of trying to lose weight so that I could get into it - I have a tiny amount to go until it fits. I was actually able to get it completely done up and it didn't look too terrible. In fact I felt like a princess in it and really didn't want to take it off. I was so glad it was here and I could see it and try it on as when I ordered it I hadn't even seen the dress in person - I ordered it from a photo on the designer's website. It is even nicer that in the photo as there is a lot of detail that can't be seen properly in the photo.
The dress is currently hanging from the door frame in our hallways as there is nowhere else that is tall enough to hang it from without the dress bag dragging on the floor and David has promised not to look at the dress.

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