Saturday, 9 January 2010

Wedding planning back in full swing

Well, with only 81 days to go until the wedding the planning is now taking top priority.

I finally sent off my passport application on Tuesday, the passport office has confirmed that they have received it so hopefully it will only be a couple of weeks before I get a fully functioning (although they don't really do very much) passport.
As well as the passport I have also collected our paperwork so that we can get our Certificate of No Impediments. Normally when marrying here in this country you only need to get one for the two of you but because we are going abroad we need one each. I will be taking these back to the registration office on Monday along with the fees and our birth certificates to get these organised. I have had to wait until now to do this as they are only valid for 90 days. I have allowed 90 days to include the last few days of our holiday so that if the wedding doesn't happen on the date we have picked for whatever reason we can still get married a few days later whilst we are still away.

Once the documentation all arrives I need to get it to a translation service in Surrey (I think) then once everything has been translated into Spanish I need to get it to the Dominican Embassy to get it all legalised by them, then we can go.

So not much to do (yeah right) and only a few weeks to get it all done.
Think I will be paying for the express services and the rapid postal service that Royal Mail offer (although they don't do deliveries even when they guarantee delivery by a specific time, more to come on that later. Still arguing the point so will discuss once it is all resolved)

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