Saturday, 9 January 2010

How unusual to see me posting here again but I just had to tell you about the fantastic service I have just received.
I posted my passport application to renew my passport on Tuesday 5th January 2010. It was meant to get there on Wednesday as I paid for the guaranteed delivery service but it didn't get there until Thursday.

This morning I get in from work to find a little envelope behind the door. I thought it was my old passport being returned but when I opened the envelope it wasn't, it was my new passport. I was absolutely stunned. When I tracked the passport application it said that it would take about 3 weeks to get my new passport but it arrived within 48 hours.

Now that is what I call service!

So the passport office managed to get my passport application processed and my passport returned to me in the same amount of time as it took Royal Mail to get the application form from me to the passport office.

I am so happy now that I have my passport, it is one thing that can be scored off my to do list, there is still so much to organise.


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