Monday, 15 December 2008

10 days and counting...

So, today is the official 10 days count down. We only have 10 days until it is Christmas day. That means only 9 more shopping days to go. Have you got your shopping done yet?
Now normally at this point of the year I am completely paniced as I haven't yet started my Christmas shopping yet and not normally getting paid until the 21st of the month means that I normally have just 3 days to do all my Christmas shopping but not this year. Nope this year I am completely organised, well apart from the food shopping - and the presents for the in-laws. We know what we are buying the in-laws but we have not got the presents yet due to running out of cash this weekend because of the purchase of the Wii Fit that I bought on Thursday.

On another note, how good was this weekend? I had the best time, sleeping, eating, socialising with friends I hadn't seen for ages. My friends all met up in Edinubrgh and we swapped christmas presents, ate a really good Spaghetti Bolognese (which was meant to have been cooked by Lea, but was actually cooked by me in Lea's kitchen) and we started to watch Mamma Mia, however that was dumped when we remembered that it was the final of the X Factor. Did you see it? So we watched that then all headed home, giggly from all the chat that was had. On Sunday we stayed in bed sleeping until after lunchtime. Then it was round to the in-laws so I could put up the Christmas tree. Then everyone came round here for dinner, so it was full house for the evening which was really good.
I love weekends like that.


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