Tuesday, 16 December 2008

How long now?

So, how are you? Getting in the Christmas mood yet? I am kind of over it - weird seeing as how it hasn't happened yet but hey ho! So been working loads over the last couple of days. Yesterday drove down to the Scottish/English border, to a wee town called Dunfries. Today I was down a little bit further into England to the city of Newcastle. Now normally I love the Geordies, the accents is great but today I seemed to get surrounded by a group a chavvy school kids. I went into the local supermarket to get a bottle of water for the journey back up the road and I kid you not that these group of about 15 kids were there, screaming at one another up and down the length of the shop about buying each other chewing gum. Then when I was leaving the shop they were racing each other up and down the escalators, nearly knocking a little old lady over in the mean while. I am not sure what school these kids came from, but it defiantely doesn't teach charm or manners.

Rant over now, sorry to anyone reading this from Newcastle.

Enjoy the rest of the day


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