Thursday, 18 December 2008

7 days and counting...

So, this time next week we will all be tucked up in bed, having completely gorged ourselves all day on all the fab food that is accossiated with Christmas Day. I cannot wait (incase you never guessed). Santa has actually visited my home early. Today I was presented with a Nintendo DS lite. It is what I have wanted forever. I love the brain training game on it, it is exactly what I need for getting myself re-aquainted with mental arithmitic and such things as I want them for a project I have later next year (more to follow). So I was so excited, but what makes it even better - it is PINK! The only thing that could be better was if it was purple - but they dont come in that colour. So I have been trying to train my brain, so far I have the brain age of 68 - not bad considering I am 26! Never mind. How much do I love my lovely fiance David for buying me that for Christmas? Words cannot describe just how much.
Now though I am starting to panic. These little computers are not cheap. I haven't exactly been frugal with David's presents, but I am not sure exactly how much I have spent. There are other presents from David as well, he had lots of carrier bags with him when I went to collect him tonight from the town centre and he says thay are for me but they will be my Christmas Day surprises. Maybe I will hit the shops on Christmas Eve, which is payday and pick up another few little things.
How is your shopping going? I am now completely finished - well apart frm the little extras I might be picking up for David on Christmas Eve. I have even done the food shopping. All I need to collect on Christmas eve is the Turkey, fresh bread, prawns and the box of chocolate biscuits from M&S.


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