Saturday, 20 December 2008

weekend off - never!

So, it is 4.45am. What you doing? The normal response would be sleeping, No? Well not in my case. David and I have started our mammoth work weekend, working from 6pm Friday right though to 11pm Sunday - fun eh?!? Bet you wish it was you, no? So was allowed to sleep from 20pm last night through to 4am this morning when David woke me as he was practically falling asleep himself. So now he is all snuggled up under the duvet in the bed and I am here, posting a blog entry to let you all know how interesting my life is at present.

On the other hand it does let me get fully aquainted with my new Nintendo DS Lite. I absolutley love it. I am finally getting the hang of the brain training exercises, although my brain age actually went up by 2 years in one day instead of down but hey ho, never mind. Practice, practice, practice. I am so looking forward to getting new games for it. I want to try the Imagine Figure Skater Game, cause I used to figure skate and I want to see how easy it is to make everything look realistic (well as realistic as possible on an animated game).

I know I keep asking, but how are the Christmas preperations going. I finally remembered to pick up some prawns today, the vital ingredient in the starter of prawn cocktail! Who would have guessed that you need to remember them when buying everything else you need for the Christmas lunch. Also we managed to get a hold of the last few presents that had to be bought so everything is covered. Just hope that M&S don't run out of turkeys befre Christmas Eve when I go to collect mine. Then have to arrange when to put it in th oven so that it is all cooked and healthy, dont want people ill after my first experience of cooking the Christmas dinner from scratch.

Enjoy and speak again soon


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