Sunday, 21 December 2008

back again...

so, having finally loaded all my CDs onto the iTunes, thought it was time to listen to some Christmas tunes. Now my previous entry was telling you about a CD I bought the other day, and how there were cover versions of the songs, anf how I didn't like it. Well now I have listened to it all I can say is I LOVE IT! My word, there is a great version of "Driving Home for Christmas" on it. Now this was the one I mentioned in the earlier blog because it is my favorite christmas song of all time. Well done Michael Ball - it is great. He sounds so like Chris Rea that you dont mind that it is a cover, not at all.

So now that is all cleared up. Writing this blog listening to the instrumental version of "Last Christmas" by Wham!, I like it - you cant look foolish for getting the lyrics wrong if there is nothing to compare it too. Counting down the hours until I get to go home to my bed. 7.5 hours and counting. Please someone come and let me away early.


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