Saturday, 27 December 2008

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas everyone. Sorry it is late, hope you guys had a good day. I had a great time. Christmas officially started for me on Christmas Eve when David, me, Craig (my bro) and Becky (Craig's other half) went round to my Dad's. We were only going for a couple of hours, due to all the stuff that was still to be arranged for Christmas day but once we all got together and got chatting we never noticed to clock chime 11 so were there for most of the night. It was good getting together with Dad and Miriam, something that needs to happen more often that it has been, and we ate pizza and chatted about stuff that had happened since the last time we had all seen each other. Once we got home, David and I exchanged presents. Realising that we were both adults, and no need for Santa Claus yet we decided to swap presents at night and have a long(ish) lie in the next day. I was stunned as I had already received my DS, therefore not expecting much more but I got my Jack Vettriano Calendar (he is one of my favorite artists), another game for my DS, a CD, the Dawn French autobiography and The Tales of Beedle the Bard (I love Harry Potter and have ordered 2 other books today). David also liked his presents, especially the dressing gown I got him, he has never had it off since.

So, Christmas Day was a relaxing day. Well not really. My lie in finished at 6 when I got up to put the turkey into the oven. Then we finished tidying up the downstairs before setting the table and then visiting David's parents and sister before getting back to the house 10 minutes before everyone arrived for drinks before opening presents and then starting the traditional stuffing of oneself which went on until about 10pm. We had some breaks in the day when we played with the Wii that Robert had bought my mum. Eventually everyone went home about 11.30 and we went straight to bed.

Boxing day was almost as busy as we were expecting David's parents round for dinner. Most of the day was spent tidying the house from the previous day and setting the table for the dinner - as well as cooking an amazing roast beef (even if I do say so myself). That went to plan as well and we had another great night.

So, how was you Christmas? Did you get what you expected?


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