Sunday, 28 December 2008

It is only 4 days to 2009

Hi All
So, hows your weekend been? I have actually had a pretty hectic weekend, with working security last night. I am looking forward to Hogmany (New Year's Eve). This year David and I are going to a friend of mine for a bit of a party so it is an excuse to get dressed up again and have a wee glass of champers to bring in the bells.

The reason for this blog entry is to show you the amazing gifts that I got from my in-laws. The pictures you can see here were taken by Alan, my father-in-law when he went on a photography course and I have been meaning to get a copy of them from him so that I could get them mounted on canvas and put them up in my living room but as usual time escaped me and I never got round to it. It was a great surprise to open my Christmas present and find these. I made David put them up yesterday. I wanted them up sooner but we really didn't have the time with everyone coming over then working yesterday. Aren't they great?

Will try and get a few more blog entries in this week, before we welcome in 2009.

Have fun


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