Saturday, 20 December 2008

Me again ...

So, it is now a more dignified 10.30an on Saturday - did you have a nice lie-in? I have been awake since about 4, although I might have dosed off a couple of times whist surfing the net.

I thought this might be a good time to tell you a bit more about what is going on in my life at the minute. I am currently engaged to David and am planning our wedding for August 2010. So far we have booked our venue, photographer, videographer and celebrant. As well as that I have bought the flowergirls' dresses (all 5 of them), my shoes, my jewellery (except my bracelet), the flowergirls' flowers, the bridesmaids' flowers, the mens' button holes and have found my flowers although I need to have them shipped from America. I have chosen to use silk flowers for the day, much easier, and much much cheaper than the real thing. The flowergirls' have lilac roses, the bridesmaids' have white roses and I will be carrying either purple roses or a mixture of white and purple roses. We also have one of the bridesmaids' shoes and bag and know what colour they will be dressed in so we can look for everything to match that. We have decided on a humanist wedding, as neither of us are religious but dont want the mundane, standard alternative to the religious ceremony.
In preperation for going wedding dress shopping in August I am also beginning the Lighterlife diet in January. This is a great way of loosing weight. It is completely supervised by the medical profession - you need a dosctor's consent to go onto it and are reviewed every 4 weeks whilst on the plan. It works in the same way as drug or alcohol addiction is treated in that you are completely abstinent from food for a minimum of 100 days. You are not completely starving though as you are given milkshakes, soups and their own cereal bars to live on. It is expected that you will loose on average 1 stone per month. I have already tried it back in June but because of financial reasons had to stop. I have seen the great results that my friend has had on it and she is my inspiration for getting back onto the diet again. Well that, and the fact that I lost 1 stone 9lbs in the first 4 weeks I was on the diet. I want to be slim for the wedding, but more than that I want to be slimmer so that the chances of conceiving naturally are improved as well. David and I want to start a family soon, and there is definately a better chance of conceiving if your BMI is as close to what it should be.

So you are going to hear more about what life is like on the diet, how grumpy I get in the beginning as I miss the food, but also the great resuts I am getting on the scales and how my body shape is changing so that I can go wedding dress shopping without having to have extra panels put into a dress so I can guess what it will look like before ordering my very own one.

Have a good Saturday


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